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MSgt Rivera's - Bio
Master Sergeant Rivera is in his tenth year as an Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) Aerospace Science Instructor. He is an Advanced Certified AFJROTC Instructor. He also taught for four years in the Air Force as an Academic Instructor at the Noncommissioned Officers Academy. His other military experience includes holding key leadership positions as a Satellite Communications Electronics Functional Manager, Communications Planner, Quality Manager, and Maintenance Production Control Supervisor. He retired from Air Force active duty after 21 years of honorable service.
His educational credentials include:
M.A. General Administration - Concentration in Human Resources, Webster University
B.A. Workforce Education and Development, Southern Illinois University
A.A.S. Instructor of Technology, Community College of the Air Force
A.A.S. Electronic Engineering Technology, Community College of the Air Force



: Aerospace Science and Leadership Education

: AFJROTC is designed to introduce the cadet to many aspects of Aerospace Science through course focused on the historical, scientific, and technical aspects of Aerospace. Also, Leadership Education provides experiences designed to develop discipline, responsibility, communication skills, and citizenship. Leadership Education also includes wearing the Air Force uniform, the proper use of Air Force customs and courtesies, participating in drill and ceremonies, giving and receiving commands, and acting as leaders and members of this AFJROTC unit. Cadets do not incur any service obligation by participating in the program.


REQUIRED TEXT: Aerospace Science
                               A Journey Into Aviation History
                               Global Studies
                               Leadership Education I, II, II, IV
                               Unlocking Your Potential

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Develop pride in our nation and its honorable traditions and an understanding of the requirements and obligations of good citizenship. Develop respect for and obedience to proper authority and understand and accept military courtesy. Provide an environment for experience and growth in the attitudes, disciplines and techniques of effective leadership. Understand the United States organization for national defense including the history and structure of military and civil aerospace technology and programs. Understand the atmosphere of the earth principles and theory of flight in air and space, propulsion systems and instrumentation. Develop good personal appearance including neat military grooming, cleanliness and proper wear of a military uniform. Develop qualities of honorable behavior, high ideals, self confidence and responsibility for the consequences of one's actions.



Classwork/Class Participation     25%
Formative Assessments              20%
Homework                                   15%
Project/Research Labs                10%
Tests                                            30%

Grading Scale:

90-100     A
80-89       B
70-79       C 
65-69       D
64 and below   F             

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